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Thou Art With Me

   Words & Music By Gary Livingston


In the morning during sunrise

When the dew falls from the sky

Silently Thou art with me


In the stillness of this hour

When the sunlight from on high

Testifies Thou art with me



I have felt this way so many times before

I can feel your gentle Spirit knocking on my door

I will never stand alone Thou art with me


When the wind blows; When the storms come

When the thunder fills the sky

I'm not afraid Thou art with me


As I walk this path with this heavy load

When the mountain seems so high

I won't give up Thou art with me





I will never stand alone, You are forever near

I will trust in thee alone, In love there is no fear




In the evening after sunset

When the stars fill up the sky

Light the fire Thou art with me

Light the fire Thou art with me

© Copyright all content  2010 - 2014 by Gary Livingston.  All rights reserved.