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Take Up Your Cross

   Words & Music By Gary Livingston


I was sitting in the shade on a nice, warm summer day

When I noticed a stranger passing my way.

Then suddenly he stopped, people gathered ‘round

As he softly spoke to them nobody made a sound. 

He said….



Take Up Your Cross and follow me

I will lead you to the joys of eternity

I’ll never leave you, never let you go

Open up your heart let my Spirit flow



He looked out across the multitude and then his eyes met mine

He seemed to look right through me, this man must be divine.

He quietly approached, He wiped away my tears

He said, “My son you are forgiven, I will take away your fears.”

If you….  [Chorus]




From that very moment my life was not the same

The power of that man, Jesus is His name.

I let go of my old ways, everything is new

Listen to these words Jesus has for you.

Will you….  [Chorus]

© Copyright all content  2010 - 2014 by Gary Livingston.  All rights reserved.