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The Rod Of Iron

   Words & Music By Gary Livingston


There's a straight and narrow path which leads

To the Tree of Life 

          Bearing the sweetest, most precious fruit

          The pure love of Christ


A Rod of Iron runs along this path

Leading to the tree

          Representing the Word of God in all its truth

          In all its purity



          Hold fast to that Rod of Iron

Trust in the Word of God

Strait is the gate and narrow the way

          Hold fast to that Iron Rod




Along this path are forbidden roads

Enticing us to lose our way

          Mist of darkness, temptations all around

          Don't forget to pray     (And…)        [Chorus]




Take hold of that Rod of Iron

God's word will employ

          Taste the fruit of His eternal love

          Hearts are filled with joy      (If we….)    [Chorus]



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