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My Friend, My Jesus

   Words & Music By Gary Livingston


My life has taken many turns along the way

Walking different roads I found my soul in disarray

          Nothing to hold on to; Nothing to depend

          No one in this world I could truly call my friend


Then one day it happened; It took me by surprise

Jesus came and took my hand as He looked into my eyes

          He told me He loved me; He touched my heart inside

          He held me close; No longer could I hide      


That was when I fell down on my knees

          I poured my heart out at His feet

He filled me up from Heaven above

          Where angels sing and magnify His love


From that day forward I turned to face the Son

A new beginning; My life had just begun

          My sins forgotten with the many tears I've cried

          My friend, My Jesus is always at my side


That is why I fall down on my knees

          And pour my heart out at His feet

He lifts me up to His courts above

          Where angels sing and magnify His love


My Friend, My Jesus, loves me through and through

If Jesus could ever love me, I know that He loves you

© Copyright all content  2010 - 2014 by Gary Livingston.  All rights reserved.