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He Loves Me

   Words & Music By Gary Livingston


Lookin’ out my window

Clouds are rollin’ in

          Temptations surround me

          Daring me to sin

Then I feel something in the air

His Spirit everywhere

He Loves Me…. Jesus Loves Me


When I’m feeling lonely

When I’m feeling blue

          Worries all around me

          Don’t know what to do

Then I feel something touch my mind

          His Spirit… Oh so kind

He Loves Me…. Yes, He Loves Me




 I Love Him… Oh yes, I Love Him


Lookin’ out my window

Sunlight streamin’ in

          Beauty all around me

          Cleansing me from sin

And I feel something fill my heart

          His Spirit does impart

He Loves Me…  Oh Jesus Loves Me…  

He Really Loves Me…

© Copyright all content  2010 - 2014 by Gary Livingston.  All rights reserved.