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Forever Faithful

   Words & Music By Gary Livingston


Forever Faithful to my Lord in truth and holiness

          Sanctified in perfect righteousness


Forever Faithful to thy word, a lamp unto my feet

          Everlasting light of truth so ever sweet


Forever Faithful are thy ways; eternal without end

          My trust in thee, how I love thee, my Savior and my friend

                    My Savior and my friend

                             My Savior and my friend



          I love you Lord with all my heart because you first loved me

          You gave yourself upon the Hill of Calvary




Forever Faithful is my prayer as day is drawing nigh

          Thy glory lifts my spirit to the sky


Forever Faithful is my heart; Forever Faithful true

          Forever Faithful to believe; I believe in you

                   I believe in you

                             Forever Faithful.....

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